Why Yoanna?

Why Choose Yoanna  Skin Care?

With so many skin care and cosmetic options available now, many of you may be confused and frustrated while deciding which products to purchase that are right for your specific skin care needs.Being in the skin care and cosmetic industry for over 30 years, I have experienced every type of skin problem or issue, and have been able to develop products to meet all consumer needs.

The most important need to be met when choosing skin care is that you are getting a product that is high quality, the right price point, and more than anything, works!!

Yoanna Skin Care works!  Many people see results instantly, or within days.  Why? Because the products fit every need and the ingredients are of the highest quality for a reasonable price.

We use the finest organic and natural ingredients to produce the ultimate results.  For example, when looking at our ingredients, you will notice most all of our products are organic aloe vera based (which is a conductor that carries all ingredients to the deepest layer of the skin).  Aloe Vera is the first or second ingredient with natural and organic fruits, vegetables, and proteins following.  The products contain all high quality natural and organic ingredients from the beginning of the list to the end.

Many lines out there show their natural ingredients towards the end, resulting in very low quality products, which in turn gives very little results, yet they are priced much higher.  Or, they claim that they are organic, but may just have one organic ingredient toward the bottom of the ingredient list.  Department store products are notorious for this, and even many so-called “natural skin care products” in pharmacies and health food stores.

Also, many skin care lines will disguise what true ingredients are really in their products.  For instance, without your knowledge, they may purchase the raw ingredients with preservatives or chemicals in them, and they do not have to list them.

Yoanna Skin Care practices truth in labeling.  Our products are made right here in the USA with our quality assurance protocol that is set at a very high standard.  I personally inspect and approve every batch of products formulated to assure the highest quality possible so all can benefit with the greatest results.  Many products are now being made in China with low quality standards and ingredients that can be harmful to consumers, and can result in skin irritations and problems.

I assure you if you have aging skin, rosacea, wrinkles or acne, Yoanna Skin Care will transform your skin so that it is younger, healthier, glowing, and vibrant. Heads will turn!

Most companies spend more money on the packaging than the product.  We put our money in ingredients, not in fancy packaging.  All of you can benefit with gorgeous looking skin while saving your dollars.

This company is 25 years young – yes, that’s 25 years of helping people by formulating high quality products for many satisfied and young-looking customers!
Just look at all of the testimonials below and you can read about all of the happy and loyal customers that chose Yoanna and have been using Yoanna Skin Care products for many years with great results!

Why Choose Yoanna’s Earth Mineral Makeup?

When I chose to add makeup to our product line six years ago, it was all because of a great need for women to be able to use a pure and natural makeup line that was actually healthy and good for the skin.

I achieved this when formulating my earth mineral makeup.  I was one of the first, and my goal was to make it as pure as possible.  Today, we are still doing this, and now we see many companies in the last few years that have come out with so called healthy mineral makeup with larger containers for lower prices. Many of these companies claim that these mineral makeup’s are healthy, and for the most part, this simply is not true.  So why choose Yoanna’s Earth Minerals?

They really are made with the purest and highest quality minerals with no fillers.  Many companies that have come out with so called mineral makeup and are not using minerals at all – their products contain mainly fillers such as talc (which is in regular pressed powder), chemicals such as bismuth, and synthetic colors and dyes.  These types of ingredients are very inexpensive and when applied to the face, they make your skin look powdery with large pores and can cause breakouts.

Yoanna’s Earth Minerals are made fine enough and blend in so naturally that your skin does not look made up, but instead the minerals give the appearance of being part of you while enhancing your natural beauty.

We achieve this by using the highest quality minerals and ingredients such as zinc, magnesium, titanium, kaolin and mica, all originating from and formulated in the USA, with the lowest price possible.

Many of the mineral makeup companies that you see on TV and in drug stores are using low quality ingredients and some of these products are being made in China, resulting in customers experiencing itchiness, redness and other allergic reactions.

So come and join the many thousands of happy women who are enjoying the beauty of using Yoanna’s Earth Mineral Makeup made right here in the USA!


I have been using Yoanna’s products since 1995.  I was just about 30 when I started using her products and what a difference they made to my skin.   My skin was always very sensitive and prone to breakouts and nothing seemed to help. Then, I went into my local beauty store in Kansas and I discovered Yoanna’s cucumber cleanser and what a wonderful product! This cleanser is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and no more breakouts!   I also love her aloe gel liquid.

This is the best toner I have ever used.  It balances my oily skin and gives my face this wonderful glow.  There is also an added benefit. Now that I am in my forties, people always look at me strangely when I tell them I am 45. They always tell me I look so much younger!.  I attribute this to Yoanna’s products. Her skin care changed my life and I tell everyone that I meet about it.Thank you Yoanna!  I love you!

— Nanette Nerman
San Diego, CA

Dear Yoannna,
I wanted to let you know of my wonderful experience with Yoanna Skin Care!  I have worked in the Health Food Industry since 1990 and have never experienced such results with a skin care line.  My background is Musician/Entertainer/Singer and am currently also a working actor.  So, you know how important the look of my skin is.  I have always been on the lookout for the best products that give RESULTS and my findings have been few and far between.  I was extremely happy and excited to be able to see visible results the FIRST time I used your products (the mask).  My skin is clearer, smoother, more even toned and firmer since using Yoanna products.  And, the products are all natural, which is very important to me.  Keep up the wonderful work-I am 51 years old and planning to look fabulous forever!!

— Mindy Casella
Orange City, FL

“You know the thing that is really amazing? I haven’t seen Yoanna in over 10 years and she looks just beautiful, she looks the same, if not better, than when I saw her 10 years ago. I look at myself in the mirror and I say ‘these products really work.’ I’ve been using Yoanna Skin Care since I was 25 and now I’m 35 but I feel and look like I’m still 25. I look at Yoanna too and she looks the same, she looks better – she looks beautiful, this product is just amazing!!”



“I’ve been using Yoanna Skin Care for many years. I’ve been using Yoanna Skin Care for many years.  I think about ten, with a couple of times trying some other products that contained anti-aging ingredients like glycolic acid that ruined my skin with hyperpigmentation.   When I figured out the problem, I came running back to Yoanna and have stayed with the ones listed on the web site for sensitive skin. Slowly but surely my skin is returning to normal. I love all the products, but if I had to pick, I would have to say the Facial Contour Non-surgical Lift Masque is my favorite. I use it as directed with the Aloe Gel Liquid. I have combination skin so I also use the Aloe Gel Liquid as my toner and find it very soothing. The Aloe Pearl Moisurizer has been tremendous to help the hyperpigmentation.

Yoanna’s promise that you don’t have to use sunscreen with her products is definitely true even with my problem skin! Also, if you need extra moisture like I do in some places including around the eyes, the Elastin Collagen Lotion is positively luscious. Plus from a health perspective, I feel good using Yoanna’s products since they are natural and highly organic. Yoanna, I love your products and can’t recommend them more highly!”

-Anne Markwell
Dallas, TX

“I’ve been using these products for years and I just love them. I love the results, I love what people are telling me. I would recommend these products to anyone, you have to try them!”


As a teenager I would bask in the sun, but the long term results left my skin discolored with uneven pigmentation. For two years I have been using Yoanna’s entire skin care line and my skin has never looked better.  My skin is smooth, firm and it glows.  These products tightened, minimized pores, and plumped up my skin.  The Herbal Freshener has been especially effective toning down the redness in my skin and the Cucumber Pearl Moisturizer has reduced and faded my sun & age spots. The best part is the results I am getting from using the mask.  The lines between my eyes have diminished and I have glowing, firm skin, so much so that no one believes I am 60!

Leslie Secore
Dallas, TX 

“Men seem to think their skin only requires soap and water to look it’s best and I used to think that way until I started using Yoannna’s skincare products. I use all of her products but I especially like using the cleanser and moisturizer before and after shaving. I find the razor glides along avoiding razor irritation and the moisturizer corrects any skin discoloration-giving my entire face a glowing youthful look that seems to take on a life of it’s on after continued use. When I look in the mirror I see why people say I look much younger than my age!. Yoanna Skincare products-I never want to be without them.”

-Roy Bowers
San Francisco, CA

“Yoanna has taught me quite a bit about skin care. She’s a wonderful person and her skin care line is excellent, it’s one of the best I’ve ever used. Being the buyer for a body care department, I get to try alot of products but Yoanna is always the one I stick with – It’s a great product!”


“When I moved to California several years ago, I was excited to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle.  I was very happy to discover Yoanna’s pure and natural skin care line at my local health food store.  Since I was a teenager, I suffered from combination skin, and by mid-day, my skin would be so oily and shiny, it was embarrassing.  I have tried many skin care lines over the years, but it was Yoanna Skin Care’s Cucumber Pearl Cream and Aloe Gel Liquid that corrected my combination skin!  My skin is so radiant with all of the wonderful products, and I feel great knowing I am using natural and organic products.”

“Yoanna says that her Facial Contour Masque takes 6 to 10 years off the skin and she is true to her word.  I use the Masque regularly, and people often think I am 6 to 7 years younger than I really am.  I recently started using the Oxygen Firming C Complex and this serum is truly magical! My skin glows and has really firmed up!  I never leave the house without applying Yoanna’s Earth Mineral makeup.  I feel simply beautiful and shimmering wearing this weightless and natural makeup that is so healthy for my skin, and I like all of the attention I get from men while I have it on!  I am a loyal customer of Yoanna Skin Care for life, because as she says, “The beauty within me deserves the best!”

– Bhavana Chawla
Redwood City, CA

“I used to spend a lot of money on skin care while searching for the right product to clear my problem skin. As soon as I started using Yoanna Skin Care, I was hooked. The ingredients were simple, natural, and made my skin feel fresh and nourished. The Aloe Gel Liquid and Vitamin C Serum (Oxygen Firming C Complex) are an essential part of my skin care regime, and I never go to bed without a drop of vitamin E oil under my eyes. I have recently started using the mineral make-up and concealer as well, and I have never had so many compliments on my flawless complexion. Thank you Yoanna Skin Care for making it easy to feel healthy and beautiful.”

– Laura A.
Campbell, CA

“Take time every morning and night to spend two minutes on your skin care program. Breathe in the colors of Yoanna Skin Care to promote healing, calming and soothing effects. Affirm to yourself that you are a beautiful loving person. Let your self-esteem soar and know that your being and skin is becoming more youthful and healthy everyday.”

-Yoanna Skin Care – Because the beauty within you deserves the best!