Rosacea or Sensitive Skin Beauty Package – Normal To Dry Skin


This is package is the solution to help heal and calm your Rosacea or sensitive skin. Many women today are experiencing the uncomfortable effects of Rosacea, and this package has been very beneficial in helping reduce the inflammation and redness of Rosacea skin. Start off your morning with the soothing and moisturizing Aloe Milk Cleanser containing organic Aloe Vera believed to possess antiseptic, astringent, emollient and healing properties.

Then spray on the soothing Herbal Freshener that is combined with a generous blend of natural emollient herbs including Allantoin, Fennel, and Balm Mint which sooth and calm blotchy, red and irritated skin. This freshener is extremely effective for sensitive and Rosacea skin and also great for skin that is under greater than usual stress.

Next, apply everyone’s favorite nourishing Vitamin E Oil which is combined with Avocado and Sesame oils that contain 17 different nutrients including vitamins which help bring oxygen to the skin and fight free radicals while also helping to heal and lubricate sensitive and Rosacea skin. Apply the light and gentle Elastin Collagen Lotion (especially good as a daytime, under make-up lotion).

Finish with the Aloe Pearl Moisturizer which contains organic Aloe Vera and natural oils that help to soothe, calm, and fade redness in the skin while providing a lot of moisture. With the added benefits of pearl powder, this moisturizer acts as a natural sunscreen that protects the already delicate sensitive or Rosacea skin.

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Daily Steps – Morning and Night

1. Cleanse – Aloe Milk Cleanser
2. Tone – Herbal Freshener
3. Lubricate – Vitamin E Oil
4. Moisturize – 1 oz. Elastin Collagen Lotion
4. Protect – Aloe Pearl Moisturizer

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