Face Lift Beauty Package


Helps to take six to ten years off your skin!

This package is your solution to experience the amazing non-surgical lift masque that is made for every skin type! This fine protein powder containing Ginseng and Comfrey to deep cleanse pores, purify the skin, and increase circulation. Also made with Papaya, this masque removes dead skin cells and promotes new cell growth.

Additionally, because this masque is combined with the Organic Aloe Gel Liquid Activator (which is a conductor), pores are tightened and the skin is toned and lifted as the masque contains the finest Collagen to aid in the prevention of Collagen breakdown, to help minimize wrinkles. It is especially effective for lifting sagging eye and jaw areas.

Visual signs of aging are dramatically reduced and the results are not temporary!

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Masque Steps (1 to 3 times a week)

1. Cleanse with your favorite Yoanna Cleanser.
2. Mix one teaspoon of Facial Contour Masque with one teaspoon of Aloe Gel Liquid or equal parts. Mix to
medium consistency, not runny.
3. Apply using long upward strokes – even under eyes (see illustration) using Yoanna’s special Facial Masque
Brush (do not use fingertips).
4. Apply masque, lay down with your feet slightly elevated and leave on 20 minutes or until dry.
5. Rinse masque off with warm water.
6. Apply everyone’s favorite Vitamin E Oil and allow it to be absorbed into the skin.
7. Finish by applying the incredibly light Elastin Collagen Lotion all over your face that is also included in this

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