Dry/Eczema Beauty Package


This is package is your solution for healing severe dry and eczema skin. The products in this package have special moisturizing qualities to help heal even the driest skin. Start off your morning by cleansing with our creamy, moisturizing Aloe Milk Cleanser. Then, exfoliate with the Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator which helps dissolve dead skin cells, and you can apply it while you are taking your morning shower or washing your face.

Spray on the moisturizing, toning and nurturing Panthenol Toner. Next, apply everyone’s favorite nourishing Vitamin E Oil which is combined with Avocado and Sesame oils that contain 17 different nutrients including vitamins which help bring oxygen to the skin, fight free radicals, and is a great supplement under your moisturizing cream to provide maximum lubrication to the alleviate dry skin.

Finish with the luxurious, creamy Panthenol Collagen Crème – which contains the finest organic Aloe Vera and Collagen, which will firm your skin along with both Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate that will bring moisture to dry skin, while Vitamins A and E help to heal and fight damaging free radicals. The greatest effects of this moisturizing crème come from the rich Cocoa and Shea Butters that help heal dry skin.

Watch how smooth and soft your skin will become with this program!

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Daily Steps – Morning and Night

1. Cleanse – Aloe Milk Cleanser
2. Exfoliate – Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator
3. Tone – Panthenol Toner
4. Lubricate – Vitamin E Oil
5. Moisturize – Panthenol Collagen Crème

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