Treatments are special products that are designed to treat specific skin care needs. All of our Yoanna Skin Care treatments can be used by all of the skin types. For instance, the Facial Contour Masque (Non-Surgical Lift Masque) is great for every skin type as it will lift and tighten the skin and will also help heal oily and blemished skin types.

The Aloe Chamomile Exfoliator will gently remove dead skin cells and provide cell renewal for every skin type. Our Oxygen Firming C Complex will firm and boost the oxygen level in all skin types while fighting free radicals to prevent wrinkles, and will also help heal blemished skin. Everyone’s favorite Vitamin E Oil helps to heal and nourish all skin types whether the skin is normal or dry. These types of treatments are essential and should be used daily, because the beauty within you deserves the best!

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