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Helps to take six to ten years off your skin

One of the worst things that a woman or man could do to their face is to get a face lift or plastic surgery. I do not advocate plastic surgery. When people have plastic surgery, it cuts meridians running through the face and body and this can lead to other health problems. Plus, it is very expensive, not very safe, and does not always lead to positive results.

Did you know that your skin starts to sag as early the age of sixteen, because gravity starts to pull down on us? From that age onward, all women and men start losing elasticity in the skin, which is called collagen breakdown, and experiencing sagging eye, jaw, and neck areas – this is why surgical face lifts have became so popular.

A great alternative is to use the Yoanna Non-Surgical Lift Masque for every skin type! This Masque will lift sagging eye and jaw areas, reduce the visual signs of aging dramatically and naturally while preventing collagen breakdown.

The Non-Surgical Lift Masque is made with a fine protein powder containing Ginseng and Comfrey to deep cleanse pores, purify the skin, and increase circulation. Also made with Papaya, this Masque removes dead skin cells and promotes new cell growth.Additionally, because the Masque is combined with the Organic Aloe Gel Liquid Activator (which is a conductor), pores are tightened and the skin is toned and lifted as it contains the finest Collagen to aid in the prevention of Collagen breakdown, to help minimize wrinkles. It is especially effective for lifting sagging eye and jaw areas. The Masque takes six to ten years off the skin in just one application and the results are not temporary, but accumulative!


To use the Non-Surgical Face Lift Masque, follow these directions:

Steps – Morning and Night

1 . Cleanse with your favorite Yoanna Cleanser.
2 . Mix one teaspoon of Facial Contour Masque with one teaspoon of Organic Aloe Gel Liquid or equal parts. Mix to medium consistency, not runny.
3 . Apply using long, upward strokes-even under eyes (see illustration) using Yoanna’sFacial Masque Fan Brush (do not use fingertips).
4 . Apply Masque, lay down with your feet slightly elevated and leave on for 20 minutes or until dry.
5 . Rinse Masque off with warm water.
6 . Apply Yoanna Vitamin E Oil and allow it to be absorbed into the skin.
7 . Apply Yoanna Oxygen Firming C Complex.
8 . Apply your favorite Yoanna moisturizer.

To help return your skin to its natural contour and reduce lines and wrinkles, use Yoanna Facial Contour Masque one to three times a week, depending on your skin type. The Masque may also be used with Panthenol Toner to give a more moisturizing effect and used with Herbal Freshener to give a more calming effect. For people with dry mature skin, we suggest using the Masque twice a week, once with Organic Aloe Activator and the second time with Panthenol Toner to avoid dehydration. For the tightest and most effective lift, Organic Aloe Gel liquid must be combined with the Masque. This is the best Activator for oily and normal skin types to use with the Masque. Oily and blemished skin types may apply the Masque once a week or once every other week. Normal skin may apply once or twice a week. After skin condition improves, all skin types can maintain that condition by applying the Masque once a week or every other week. The results of the masque is accumulative. The more the mask is applied, the greater the results. *One or two drops of Serum may be added to the Facial Contour Masque to increase potency, and provide more nutrients into the skin.

We begin by mixing one teaspoon of the facial masque to one teaspoon of the organic gel liquid or equal parts to a medium consistency, not runny. We then apply the masque in an upward direction on Phil’s one side of the face to see the results between both sides of the non-surgical lift.

The following are results of after only one treatment of the Non-Surgical lift Masque applied to one side of the face. The bubbling that occurs during this process is where there is collagen breakdown. The masque brings the collagen to the broken down fibers and restores the skin’s elasticity.





In all of these photos you can see on each person the amazing results  the non-surgical lift masque brings, in just one application. The skin is lifted around the sagging eye, mouth and jaw areas. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the overall skin tone is radiant and more even. After a few months of applying the non-surgical lift masque, the results continue to improve and are not temporary!


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