Moisturizing is the last step in taking care of your skin. Yoanna Skin Care Moisturizers contain high quantities of Organic Aloe Vera that act as a conductor to carry proteins, herbs, vitamins and other nourishing ingredients into the skin. Yoanna Moisturizers will help reduce discoloration from acne, scarring, sun and age spots. They also help screen the skin from the sun with the use of Organic aloe and the reflective properties of Pearl Powder. Some of the moisturizers contain Collagen, which has been shown by scientific research to help in age regression by reducing lines and wrinkles on the skin. All Yoanna Moisturizers are designed to protect your skin from the pollutants and skin-stressing elements in our environment as well as provide the proper moisturizer needed for every skin type.


“The Aloe Pearl Moisturizer has been tremendous to help the hyperpigmentation. Yoanna’s promise that you don’t have to use sunscreen with her products is definitely true even with my problem skin! Also, if you need extra moisture like I do in some places including around the eyes, the Elastin Collagen Lotion is positively luscious. Plus from a health perspective, I feel good using Yoanna’s products since they are natural and highly organic. Yoanna, I love your products and can’t recommend them more highly!”

Anne Markwell Dallas, TX

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