Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands and has an oily feeling and look to it all over. The skin looks shiny, with blemishes, blackheads, and clogged, large pores. Many teenagers and young people have this skin type, yet with improper diet and unbalanced hormones, people could have this skin type well into their 50’s. It is very important to correct the pH in oily skin as the pH level is usually acidic, below 3.5, which causes the skin to be oily.

The solution to normalizing the pH in Oily Skin is by following these daily steps:

Steps – Morning and Night
1. Cleanse – Cucumber Cleanser
2. Exfoliate – Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator
3. Tone – Aloe Gel Liquid
4. Treatment – Oxygen Firming C Complex
5. Moisturize – Elastin Collagen Lotion
6. Protect – Cucumber Pearl Moisturizer
7. Treatment – Facial Contour Masque (optional – at least once a week)

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