Normal To Dry Or Dry

Normal to Dry is skin that feels normal in some places, with several dry patches. Dry skin is dry and feels a little tight all over. Some women are born with this skin type, yet most women who have dry skin develop it in their later years as they are maturing. Dry skin is also prone to wrinkling more than any other skin type, even at a young age. Usually the pH in this skin type is over 6.5 and alkaline, which causes the skin to be dry.

The solution to normalize the pH in Normal To Dry or Dry Skin, follow these daily steps:

Steps – Morning and Night
1. Cleanse – Aloe Milk Cleanser
2. Exfoliate – Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator
3. Tone – Panthenol Toner
4. Lubricate – Vitamin E Oil
5. Treatment – Oxygen Firming C Complex
6. Moisturize – Panthenol Collagen Cream
7. Protect – Aloe Pearl Moisturizer
8. Treatment – Facial Contour Masque (optional – at least once a week)

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