Dry/Eczema Packages

Eczema is a dry skin condition with reoccurring red rashes or dry patches on or all over the face. Sometimes eczema appears on different parts of the body, especially on the arms and legs. Symptoms of Eczema or very Dry Skin include itching, flaking and dryness. In extreme cases, blistering, cracking, or oozing can occur.

Vitamin supplementation, such as EFAs (essential fatty acids) taken internally can really help this type of skin. For the best results, nourishing with our Vitamin E Oil and moisturizing with our rich, creamy Panthenol Collagen Crème will help correct the pH in eczema/dry skin and you will be amazed at the results!

The best solution for helping to heal Eczema/Dry Skin is to also these daily steps:

Steps – Morning and Night
1. Cleanse – Aloe Milk Cleanser
2. Exfoliate – Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator
3. Tone – Herbal Freshener
4. Lubricate – Vitamin E Oil
5. Moisturize – Panthenol Collagen Crème
6. Body Treatment – Aloe Collagen Body Lotion
7. Treatment – Facial Contour Masque (optional – at least once a week)

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