Acne is a skin condition caused by overactive sebaceous glands. The skin breaks out with acne lesions which are commonly known as blemishes or pimples. Acne can also be related to a hormonal imbalance in women before their menstrual cycle or during menopause. High levels of testosterone and stress in men and women can also cause acne. Splashing on the Organic Aloe Gel Liquid and applying the Cucumber Pearl Moisturizer is very effective in healing acne and helping to fade the discoloration caused by acne so that you can have a clear complexion.

To normalize the pH in the skin and help heal Acne, follow these daily steps:

Steps – Morning and Night
1. Cleanse – Cucumber Cleanser
2. Exfoliate – Aloe Papaya Chamomile Exfoliator
3. Tone – Organic Aloe Gel Liquid
4. Treatment – Oxygen Firming C Complex
5. Moisturize – Cucumber Pearl Moisturizer
6. Treatment – Facial Contour Masque (optional – at least once a week)

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