Your skin type is important in determining the correct program to balance the pH level of your skin – important because skin below pH 3.5 will be acidic and cause it to be oily, while skin above pH 5.5 will be alkaline and cause it to be dry. Perfect pH skin is between 3.5 and 5.5, but most over-the-counter products tend to upset this balance by stripping away your natural oils, and irritating the skin with chemicals and strong concentrations of glycolic acids.

Yoanna Skin Care products are natural, organic, and have been formulated to be nonirritating, even to the most sensitive skin. They are formulated to normalize your pH level. Our products and skin care programs will help reduce oiliness and blemishes if you suffer from oily skin. If your skin is dry, our products will leave it moisturized and help reduce lines and wrinkles. In addition, our products will help normalize combination skin, -which about 70% of all people have.

To achieve the maximum benet from the Yoanna Skin Care line of products, please follow these ve important steps:

1. Cleansing – Deep cleanses impurities, and residue from the skin. Safely removes eye make-up.
2. Exfoliating – Promotes new cell growth. Sloughs off lines, wrinkles, and discoloration to achieve smooth & awless skin.
3. Toning -Renes and closes pores, adjusts pH level and prepares skin for moisturizer.
4. Lubricating – Supplies oils closest to our own natural oils to dehydrated areas like under the eyes, and other dry areas on the face.
5. Moisturizing – Provides your skin with the proper nutrients and moisturizing benets, while protecting the skin from the outside environment. Helps to reduce lines and wrinkles dramatically.
6. Treatments – Special products such as facials (our non-surgical lift mask), oils, serums and exfoliators designed for your specic skin care needs.

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