Mineral Makeup

In all my years of skin care, I have been asked time and time again by customers everywhere to formulate makeup. And every time, my answer has consistently been no. Why? Simply because makeup is usually what the word sounds like. Someone looking made up. Most liquid and cream make ups are made with heavy chemical ingredients such as talc, oils, synthetic colors and dyes that clog pores, not allowing the skin to breathe, giving it a unnatural look. These types of ingredients would keep me and most other people from wearing makeup. We all want our skin to look natural with a healthy glow. How can we accomplish this fresh look without using makeup’s that are made with harmful ingredients?

After wearing no foundation for 30 years, I am excited to say that I have accomplished this task by creating something pure, natural, and healthy for the skin, I created Yoanna’s Earth Minerals. My Earth Minerals are all natural and healthy for the skin, as they are made with real minerals, without added chemicals. For example, Mica, Kaolin, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron oxides are all pure minerals and healthy for the skin. Pure clean mineral makeup will give you a natural look, and when blended properly with our special applicator brush no one will even know your are wearing makeup; yet you will have great coverage giving the skin a sheer and even tone without a made up look.  Makeup should look like it’s a part of you, not made up.

At the same time, the minerals help problem skin such as skin that is prone to acne and rosacea. Even the most sensitive skin types will be able to use Yoanna’s Earth Minerals. So I proudly introduce to you my Earth Mineral Makeup.

Here are some examples of everyday individuals like yourself with natural makeovers by Yoanna with Yoannas Earth Mineral Natural Makeup. This is a healthy and natural way of looking young and vibrant with makeup. Too many women make the mistake of applying too much makeup. Less is Best!


I was so excited the day Yoanna introduced Yoanna’s Earth Minerals — foundation, concealer, eye shadows, blushes, and mascara. These products make my skin look natural, not made up, and add color, an even skin tone, and a healthy glow.

-Patricia BellowsCanton, TX

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