Thank you for your interest.

I am Yoanna, the creator of Yoanna Skin Care and I created Yoanna Skin Care in 1985. I would like to share with you how and why I developed a line of skin products that truly produce visible results. As a former model and skin care instructor, I have been involved in the cosmetic and skin care industry for over 20 years. I have traveled extensively conducting skin consultations and cosmetic promotions for almost every skin care and cosmetic line sold. I have taught skin care at several modeling schools, colleges and businesses around the country. From my experience, I developed my product line in response to the skin care needs that all men and women face today.

My skin care products work with nature instead of against it. I am deeply involved in the holistic health field. I am very careful of what goes into and onto my body as that is how I maintain perfect health and skin. I am among the 70% of us who have “sensitive” skin and consequently am unable to use most skin care products available on the market because they use so many chemicals, heavy perfumes, and oils. After trying many of these products, I began the search for something wholesome, healthy and good for the skin that did not cause allergic reactions as so many lines do. I came to realize what I was looking for did not exist. So – I decided to create it myself.
I created a pure, natural, organic and, hypo allergenic skin care line for men and women that produce visible, undeniable results, because it is made with only the finest ingredients, fruits and vegetables. After testing hundreds of ingredients and products on my sensitive skin and many other sensitive skin types, I chose the most effective of them. Then, my father, a chemist specializing in natural and organic compounds, two acupuncturists, recognized in China as master herbalists, and I developed a product line that works with the nature of the skin and not against it. We created Yoanna Skin Care.

“Because the beauty within you deserves the best!”

Yoanna Skin Care
At Yoanna Skin Care we are very conscientious about animal rights and our environment. We don’t test on animals and we use recycled paper and boxes for our packaging and shipping. This brochure is printed on recycled paper. We will continue to do our best to be aware of animal rights, our environment, and the needs of others by formulating safe, holistic products at the highest quality attainable. No Toxins, Parabens, Ureas, EDTA’s, or artificial colors are used in our products. We only use natural essences.

A message from Yoanna
I would like to encourage all of you to start today in these vital steps in taking care of your skin. I have personally consulted with thousands of men and women on their skin care needs through in-store demonstrations, instructing classes, hosting radio talk shows and through my T. V. infomercials. Through experimentation on myself and from your feedback, I have been able to develop these products. I am dedicated to continue to provide you with my products that I believe are the finest available today.

They Simply Work!
Take time every morning and night to spend two minutes on your skin care program. Breathe in the colors of Yoanna Skin Care to promote healing, calming and soothing effects. Affirm to yourself that you are a beautiful loving person.

Let your self-esteem soar and know that your being and skin is becoming more youthful and healthy everyday. Yoanna Skin Care – Because the beauty within you deserves the best!