About Our Ingredients

My Natural Ingredients Explained
Organic Aloe Vera
Going back to the ancient properties of skin care, one of the key natural healing properties known around the world is “Aloe Vera”. There are few ingredients in the world that will penetrate past the rst layer of skin; Aloe Vera is one of them. The majority of our products contain over 50% USDA Certied Organic Aloe Vera. It is especially unique, because it acts as a conductor! When herbs, vitamins, fruits, vegetables and proteins are combined with Organic Aloe Vera, they penetrate the skin down to the dermis layers that are so difcult but important to reach. In this area where problems begin, Aloe Vera changes the skin cells rapidly. Because it penetrates into the lower layers of the skin, great results and changes occur. Aloe promotes new cell growth, which means that dead skin sloughs off and allows fresh new skin to be produced at an accelerated rate. This new cell growth helps reduce lines, wrinkles, scarring and discoloration. Yoanna Skin Care brings you this major key in a skin care product line – which simply works!

Herbs & Vitamins
Yoanna Skin Care products incorporate the ancient Chinese herbs Ginseng and Pearl powder. Pearl powder is a gemstone referred to by the Chinese as an herb and recognized to carry high healing vibrations. Yoanna Skin Care also includes Comfrey, Allantoin, Balm Mint, Chamomile and Yarrow Extract, all of which are recognized today as soothing and calming herbs. In addition Vitamins E, A, C, Inosital (B vitamins), Biotin, and Panthenol are used in formulas to provide healing and nutrients for the skin. These nutrients moisturize the skin while ghting free radical damage. Beta Glucans are also included in the products, which are known to improve cellular efciency which helps to stop sun damage and sun related problems to the skin.

Extracts Of Fruits; Plants & Vegetables
In addition to the Organic Aloe Vera and herbs, Yoanna Skin Care uses fruit extracts of Grapefruit, Passion fruit, Papaya, and oils of Almond, Sesame Olive, Coconut, and Primrose in our formulas. Plant extracts of Coneower, Hydrocotyl and Algae, as well as Vegetable extracts of Cucumber and Avocado are also included in our formulas. All of these natural ingredients combine to create an exceptional product that deeply nourishes the skin while slowing down the visual signs of aging.

Along with these natural ingredients Yoanna Skin Care Products make use of the latest scientic advantages by adding highly processed rened collagen and elastin. When the collagen and elastin are combined with the Organic Aloe Vera, they penetrate down to the dermis layers of the skin to help rebuild the molecular cell structure of the elastin bers and restore and reduce visual signs of aging – rapidly.

Hypo Allergenic Ingredients*
Recent studies show that 70% of the population are sensitive to products available over the counter and that is why Yoanna Skin Care uses hypo allergenic ingredients. Hypo allergenic ingredients are those which are least likely to cause an allergic reaction. For example heavy essential oils, chemicals, and perfume fragrances used in many other products cause allergic reactions for most people. By combining natural organic ingredients with hypo allergenic ingredients, we have achieved a product line that produces great results and is safe for every skin type. Yoanna Skin Care is also non comedogenic, (will not clog pores), Yoanna skin care uses natural and hypo allergenic ingredients and contains no parabens so even people with the most sensitive complexions can benet from our products.

*No Toxins, Parabens, Ureas, EDTAs or articial colors are used in our products. We only use natural essences.

Color Therapy
Many People are becoming involved in holistic and natural medicine. Thus, they are beginning to nd out how important color therapy is and how it plays an integral part of their good health – inside and out. Color therapy is “breathing-in” certain colors and visualizing that color at the same time to create a high vibration of healing, calming and soothing results. Yoanna Skin Care uses all natural forms of color. These colors are also hypo allergenic and will provide soothing and calming effects. No dyes or synthetic colors are used. Natural colors of Bee Pollen, Carmine, Azulene, Chamomile, Yarrow, Chlorophyll, Copper PCA, and other herbs; fruits, and natural oils are used to give a natural color to our products. As you use these color therapy products, your whole being will breathe in the colors and feel the exhilarating effects of this therapy, – helping to revitalize, soothe, and calm your inner self and skin.